COFFI’s NEW GENERATION WHEELMOBILE 2018 – Foton Transvan Highroof
COFFI’s NEW GENERATION WHEELMOBILE 2018 – Foton Transvan Highroof

We are very happy to share with you our NEW WHEELMOBILE (WM). This “NEW GENERATION WHEELMOBILE” was made possible through a crowdfunding initiative by James Deakin (CNN Philippines) supported by FOTON Philippines, GRAB Philippines, Aspire Auto Parts and Services and so many other generous people.

We offer the service of the WHEELMOBILE for a corresponding “hourly” donation to support COFFI’s operations. We offer it for free to those who may not be able to afford to pay for this type of service.

The new WM is an addition to our existing three (3) WMs which we operate through reservation. We can be easily reached at: Tel. No. 833 6453, Mobile No: 0917 814 3041, Email at: wheelmobilemanila@gmail. com or website: www.wheelmobile. ph.

Furthermore, we are very excited to offer this FOTON WHEELMOBILE to you to purchase for your Municipality, your School, your Hospital, your Hotel, your Shopping Mall, etc. etc. Please contact Ms. Clarisse Eugenio, COFFI Manager, via the above email or: cfeugenio.coffi@gmail. com. Ms. Clarisse will be happy to answer any questions which you may have.

We take this opportunity to point out / explain the photos: The 4 first photos are photos of the new van belonging to COFFI, built through the crowdfunding efforts of James Deakin of CNN Philippines. The last 2 photos are taken by The Jesuit Health and Wellness Center in Ateneo, who are the first to purchase their own FOTON WHEELMOBILE. We are very happy to point out to you, how any future WHEELMOBILE will look like in the back and in the front: for “branding” purposes we felt it important to keep some of the “orange original color” of the WHEELMOBILE. The sides are at the discretion of the “new owner”! The inside modifications as well as the logos are executed by Aspire Auto Parts and Services.

Roughly, we are able to tell you that the cost of the “Finished WM” will be around P1.8M and that it will take 4 to 6 months from the time of your down payment to the time your unit will be delivered considering the time to modify the vehicle.

We in COFFI very much look forward to hearing from you! We thank you for your support to enable those in wheelchairs become “free and independent” through the use of our ACCESSIBLE WM and be part of the mainstream society!

The COFFI Team


“Being a productive member of the society we all live in is what we all want to be. Making it easier for you to do that, is our job.”

“As a PWD, we understand you have unique needs. Meeting and exceeding these needs are, not only our specialty, it’s our pleasure.”

“Our custom built fleet of Wheelmobiles will most easily accommodate your wheelchair, boxes, bags and of course your traveling companions.”

“Since 2003, Wheelmobile has been committed to serving you with the utmost respect and providing you with the highest level of mobility with dignity.”